Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Framing Santa

Growing up, one of my favorite parts of my mom's Christmas decorations was the display she made of all our childhood pictures with Santa. On the counter, next to the Christmas candy jar, she proudly showed off the half dozen pictures of my sister and I sobbing and crying while visiting old Saint Nick.

{Sidenote: I was all prepared to include a picture of my mom's display but she didn't put it out this year. Geez, Mom! So, you know, imagine it looks similar to these pictures I creepily took off of google.}

Image Source
I wanted to continue this tradition at my house, but since I have no children and taking cats to the mall seems like the worst idea ever, my husband, my sister, and I would just have to do.

Two years ago, the three of us took one of my favorite pictures ever with my friend Santa Jerry. It is completely deserving of a shining spot in our Christmas decor. So, given that I am a hoarder of sale picture frames from Target and Aaron Brothers, I sent the pic to Walgreens to be printed and cleaned up a frame I had sitting around. Apparently I'm really into seasonal art now...

And here's it is!

It's not much of a collection, but someday, when we have gaggles of kids and all sorts of Christmas pictures to put out, this one will still have a starring spot, showing our kids that it's ok to be weird and have fun.

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