Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Buck Eyes

Dan loves Christmas. It's got to be his favorite holiday. Some years, we're more festive than others, but every year, without fail, he must make Christmas cookies. And the top of that list is always Buck Eyes.

I'd never heard of Buck Eye cookies until I started dating Dan, but apparently they're a Midwest thing. A peanut butter 'dough' (basically peanut butter and powdered sugar) dipped in melted chocolate. They've got to be terrible for you, but they sure are tasty.

In the quantity Dan's family makes them, a batch can take a full afternoon. Fortunately, when his parents came to visit at Thanksgiving, we teamed up.

Once the dough was all blended in the stand mixer, Dan and his mom got to rolling the eyes.

I'm pretty sure Dan planned it out so he could watch the big football game while making these. (Suck it ASU! Pac-12 South Champs!)

They were rolling them out a lot faster than I was able to dip them. {Sidenote: full disclosure, I am not very helpful at making these. I got put in charge of dipping for the first time and was just goofing around trying different methods. Fondue fork actually worked pretty well}.

Everyone took a turn at dipping them this year. Dan's dad uses a lot of chocolate on his.

A batch of these is sooooo freakin' big. They took bag home with them, but we still have a freezer bag brimming with them. By the time Christmas rolls around, we'll probably be sick of them, but at least they freeze well.

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