Friday, October 10, 2014

Fan of Friday: Week of 10/10/2014

Maybe it's because I've been a real engineer for 3+ years now, but Dilbert is starting to make scary amounts of sense to me. This first one is my favorite.

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Since I've been traveling more than usual lately, I managed to read most of the books in the house. However, Dan has a half dozen comic strip anthologies of Dilbert.

The best part is that all the books are from like 1994 so the technology references are so out of date that it adds a fun new element to the strips as well.

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Also, things at work are becoming so muddled by bureaucracy that it's nice to read some mockery of the process.

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I heard an anecdote once that if your job starts to resemble a Dilbert strip, that's a bad, bad omen. I like to think now that Scott Adams is just a genius and every job, no matter how great, eventually gets exposed for the Dilbert strip it is. 

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