Monday, July 28, 2014

Project House Update: An Adequate Paint Job

This project could really be called "how to paint a room that's good enough for now". In case you don't recall, a few weeks ago, I had the the afternoon off work and was dangerously productive. The object of my aggression? The in-wall toilet paper caddy in our master bathroom.

We patched it and it was okay, but it wasn't good enough. We debated on leaving the patch off-color from the rest of the wall until we finally got around to properly redoing the bathroom, but I just couldn't take it anymore. There are too many in progress projects in this house and I got tired of looking at something unfinished. Even if we have to repaint it down the line when we officially redo the room down the line, it needed to be a uniform color to hide the patch. Since with us, it could be decades until we actually get to this room. 

Here's what it looked like 'Before'.

And the 'After'. We chose to paint it the same 'Polar Bear' white we use for all the ceilings in the house. It's warmer in real life than in these shots.

We debated buying a new ceiling light/fan, but we couldn't find any we liked. As a temporary solution, Dan spray painted the old one clean white to match the new paint. It's actually kind of pretty in its new color. He also painted the ceiling vent grate clean white as well.

I tried my best to paint up in the sky light, but it was incredibly challenging. The skylight opening is one foot by one foot and about 18 inches deep. I simply couldn't reach the top of the skylight with a paint brush to cut in the corners. For now, I'm not losing any sleep over it because you can only really see it if you are directly underneath it.

And the drywall patch could definitely still use some work. My mudding skills are usually pretty good (it's basically the only skill I have), but the patch was just too much area to mud to blend it into the wall. However, keeping with the theme of this post, it'll do for now. The light switches and outlets were replaced clean white, but the intercom is still blah beige. Once we have a way to relabel the buttons, that will get a coat of fresh paint, too.

Of course, Zack Morris went back up in his rightful spot above the toilet. I'm a classy broad.

This room will eventually need tile floors (you can't see from these pictures but it is, in fact, carpeted) and a new toilet. Probably a new pocket sliding door as well. At least it's less ugly until we get around to all those things.

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