Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Farmer in the Desert

The farmer down the street from me just reopened its vegetable stand last weekend. I repeat, in case the absurdity of this situation has escaped you, my house, in the boonies of the Tucson desert, is just a stone's throw away from a farm.

That's so weird to me.

Anyway, this particular vegetable stand sells seasonal fruits, vegetables, and flowers every Saturday morning until the Fall. And, it has become my summer challenge.

In an attempt to both get dressed before noon on Saturday mornings and cook healthier meals, every week this season, I will go to the stand and buy some sort of produce. 

I have a feeling it will force me to learn how to cook a wider variety of vegetables than just peppers, onions, and potatoes. That being said, last Saturday all I walked away with was onions and potatoes. Although I did use the onion in a new macaroni and cheese recipe and tried a new way to cook potatoes {Sidenote: I burned my thumb in the process so potatoes are now dead to me}.

Tomato season is coming soon so I'm going to make some kick-ass marinara.

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