Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project House Update: Hole in the Wall

On Friday, my boss let us go early for the long weekend. I had a bit of energy pent up and decided to do something with it. And since my skills are limited when it comes to being productive, I became destructive instead.

Here is a lovely shot of the little toilet room in our master bathroom before.

For some reason, I absolutely abhor that toilet paper caddy. The chrome monstrosity is built-in between the studs and meant to also house magazines. It was stuck in my brain and there was no possible fix-up. It wasn't as simple as a coat of white spray paint.

So, four types of screw drivers and a box cutter later, it was free. Seriously, though, people need to learn not to paint things like this in.

For right now, there is a gaping hole in our bathroom. At least it is enclosed by studs so I can't lose a cat in the wall.

It should be pretty simple to patch it back up. I'll just need to:
  1. Cut the drywall back to expose the studs. 
  2. Fill the cavity with insulation, which we picked up over the weekend.
  3. Cut a new piece of drywall to size.
  4. Space it to the proper height and mount it to the studs.
  5. Tape and mud it. Texturize the patch so it matches the surrounding drywall.
In case you didn't notice, I said, "I'll". Don't tell Dan, but I want to do this one myself. In the grand scheme of projects in this house, I don't do much, so it would be nice if I could at least clean up the mess I made.

I did create a temporary solution. For now, the toilet paper sits in the the kitchen cart I assembled and wheeled in there.

This is the best way to get stuff done on the house, right? Just rip things out in boredom and force yourself to come up with some sort of solution? What's the worst that could happen?

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