Friday, March 14, 2014

'Fashion February' 2014: Week 2

Here's a little recap of what I wore and what I did this week!

Saturday (3/8/14)

Cropped Pants Date Night

Spring date night watching the Banff Film Festival.

Sunday (3/9/14)

Weekend Casual - Red shorts

Styling glittery Tom's for a Sunday morning trip to the plant nursery.

Monday (3/10/14)

Urban Cowgirl

Let's just call this what it is. Urban Cowgirl. And it was soooo comfortable!

Tuesday (3/11/14)

Deep Teal and Gold

Maybe my favorite outfit of the week. I love the combination of deep teal and gold.

Wednesday (3/12/14)

Casual Navy Outfit

I tried this comfy, casual outfit and it just didn't flatter my figure. I keep trying to make this cropped sweater look decent, but it's really hard to style!

Thursday (3/13/14)

Bird Dress Wine Tights

Realizing your wine colored tights are the same color as the tiny birds on this dress and having your shoulder break out so you hide them with a sweater. Maybe that's too much information...

Friday (3/14/14)

Olive Cami Lace Cardigan

An attempt at combining masculine and feminine pieces (Psst. I haven't actually worn this outfit yet since I write this post on Thursday, but it's what I'll be wearing Friday and I hope it turns out awesome.)

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