Monday, February 17, 2014

Executive Office

I've had an office for a couple of months now and it has been this unexpected boost to my career. It's been absolutely great.

Just as a bit of a recap, back in October, my coworkers and I were moved from our bull pen of cubicles to individual offices so that a lab could take over our space. With the lay-offs last summer, there were plenty of offices, so we all occupied our own hallway.

I was worried about offices at first because it would mean less overflow traffic for me. You see, when we were in cubicles, everyone had to walk past me to get to the mechanical lead engineer, so if he wasn't in, they would ask me. In the offices, though, this would change.

However, this worked out well. People stopped treating me like the lead's secretary, asking me where he was when he wasn't in.

Also, having an office has given me an air of authority. Especially given how I've laid it out.

I've created a command center. Two desks with computers that I can swivel between and my back is never to the door so people can't sneak up on me. Eliminating being jumpy apparently works for me.

Oh and speaker phone! I love speaker phone. No longer pressing the phone to my head for several hours a day just as to not annoy my coworkers.

With my own home base, I feel much less lost. I no longer feel like the scared little fish in the big pond. It's given me a little cave to retreat to when things get tense.

And keeping with the pond theme, it'll be real high class once I hang up the large duck print behind my desk that I bought at a garage sale. You know, once I bring it in one weekend. I'd still like to upgrade the guest chair, but I've been advised to not invest too much in your office. I'm not sure why, though. Maybe to not be seen as sucking up? I don't know why, but I'd still love a cozy vintage arm chair.

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