Friday, February 28, 2014

Community of Two

Last week, we tried out our first themed pub quiz. And the theme was Community!

[Sidenote: whoever chose to hold a Community quiz on a Thursday is a moron. All of the Thursday regulars are at trivia when it airs on TV so we don't watch the show. Pick a different day so your regulars would at least stand a chance of doing okay.]

If you can't gather from my little side note, spoiler alert, it was not a good night to be on my team. Most of my trivia team didn't even want to try (because it's a pay to play quiz with the winner taking the pot), but Dan and I had never been to a themed quiz so we thought we would try it out.

Let me just say this: I do like Community a lot, but I haven't really watched the last couple of seasons since pub quiz interferes. So, after I got home from work on the day of the quiz, I studied the Community wikipedia page for half an hour and attempted to watch one episode. I say 'attempt' because I only got ten minutes in before Hulu froze. Fortunately, literally seconds before it froze, it told me an answer to one of the quizzes questions.

Even with that answer, though, we only scored 34 points, less than half of an average night of quiz. And the only reason we didn't come in dead last was because one team left before the final rounds of questions.

But you'd never know that from our excited faces, right?

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