Monday, October 7, 2013

And so the Craziness Begins

After this past weekend, I'm quite lucky I'm still standing. Maybe not standing, at least in one piece. Where shall I begin?

Well, Saturday morning Dan and I hit up a bunch of garage sales and estate sales. One of the estate sales was really high quality stuff, especially for an estate sale. They tend to be, to put it politely, not my style. Everything went half off at 1PM, so we came back with the trailer hooked up to the Jeep and hoped the pickings were still good. The metal chemical cabinet and a mid century modern dresser remained so we grabbed them up for $150. I've never dealt with such disorganization and chaos than that estates sale, but it was worth it to walk away with this baby. Aren't the details gorgeous? The only downside? We have absolutely nowhere to put it, so for now, it lives in the middle of our entryway.

Unfortunately for us, we decided to do all of this right before we were supposed to help my sister move. So after hauling these heavy pieces in and out of a trailer, we got to spend the next four hours loading and unloading all of my sister's stuff. This was only a small fraction of it.

Then, as a thank-you, she took us out for Chinese food. In the middle of our appetizer, the whole plaza lost power. Luckily, our food had just finished cooking, Dan had a flashlight, and the restaurant was small, so it was a blast. We propped the flashlight up like a lantern and gobbled down our food. We were also lucky that Dan had some cash to cover the bill since the credit card reader was down.

And that was just Saturday. Sunday, we started the morning with a nice long walk around the antiques fair with arms that felt like jelly. All I got was a lovely sunburn and a fight with Dan in the middle of an elementary school soccer field over how many tools he has.

To end the argument, he promised to use the ones he has more, which led to him starting to cut the tiles for the fireplace. We couldn't find the 4"x4" marble tiles we wanted for the edge, so we bought some 8"x12" ones and Dan cut them down.

So, in the fireplace that is officially taking forever, we are slooooowly making progress. Hopefully we can start actually sticking them down over this next week. It MUST be done by Christmas time!

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