Thursday, September 6, 2012

TV 2012: Ben and Kate

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Quick summary: this show is about a woman, Kate, who works as a waitress, her young daughter, and her crazy older brother, Ben, that comes back into town.

  • Montages of little things, like entering the house with a bloody shirt and asking, "Do you know Portuguese?" 
  • I really like Kate. She seems like a real person to me, not just a model pretending to be a waitress. Her hair isn't perfect, she wears an ugly fancy pack (and not in an ironic way), and she just has these mannerisms with the other character that makes it feel like she actually has history with them. 
  • Maddie, the daughter, is just as cute as a button.
  • A waitress would never be able to afford the house she lives in. Some realism with finances TV people, that'd be awesome.
  • I don't really like Ben. He's supposed to be quirky and outlandish, but I just find him unrealistic and kind of annoying. Maybe he'll become less cartoonish as the series progresses, but right now I would watch this show in spite of him rather than because of him.
  • A couple of supporting characters were introduced, but it's hard to tell which way they will swing. They could be great or they could be filler, time will tell.
I know this is a short review, but there's really not much to this show yet. I'd give this show a B. It will get picked up for a full season, mainly because of it's air time after "New Girl", and I'll continue to give it a shot, but it won't be able to knock it out of the park until Ben wins me over. He doesn't necessarily need to be likable, but he needs to at least be interesting and not annoying.

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