Monday, May 25, 2015

Project House Update: Installing Some Windows

So, when we last left the workout room (our spare bedroom), it looked something like this. In the 22 months since we painted the room and installed some new light fixtures, we bought a pair of new windows for the room. Then, the windows sat, uninstalled and wrapped in plastic, for another 15 months.

Fortunately, Dan finally conned his friend Jimmy into coming over to help install them, like he helped with the sliding glass door. They promised me they could install both in one day and I honestly didn't believe them, but they were incredibly efficient. They had one ripped out and had moved onto the second before I had the chance to take pictures.

And in what I'm sure was an effort to prove me wrong, the new windows were set in place in record time. The new windows have much thicker framing than the old ones, but they also have, you know, insulation from the heat, so it's a worthwhile compromise. I prefer the white interior and the exterior is the same dark color as the sliding door.

By the end of the day, they had shimmed them into place, screwed them down, and sealed them with insulating foam. Over the next few days, Dan caulked and painted the exterior and we suddenly had gorgeous new windows! The interior still needed some work, but we decided to wait and clean up the interior once we had decided on window sills.

So, the windows sat with torn up interiors until last weekend. Dan and I finally came to an agreement on window sills. That will be an entirely separate post in the near future, but it did give me the green light to go ahead and spackle and paint the window surround.

Hopefully we'll finish up installing the new beautiful window sills over the long weekend and the room will be the most completed room in the whole house. Stay tuned!

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