Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project House Update: No More Tile to Cut

And now, after a longggg eight months, look at this beauty. It is gorgeous and flawless and I am SOOOOOOO incredibly proud of Dan for pulling this off.

Have you ever seen such a ravishing fireplace hearth? I love every single inch of it.

Dan developed a great system for the crazy cuts by creating a stencil for the tile by making a rubbing of the area to be filled with a piece of printer paper and a crayon. Once he figured that out, he was flying through the cuts.

Don't worry about the back edge being a little rough. It will be covered by the tiles we place on the surface of the fireplace.

We would have made even more progress on it, but you would be amazed how hard it has been to find the right color grout. It took a couple of weekends to find a tile shop that carried a grout that isn't brown based. With the popularity of this color marble, who would have thought there was only one gray grout in existence?

Also, Dan became distracted by finishing the surrounding drywall before grouting. In yet another little fun series of surprises, when we removed the baseboards in the room, we found that there was no drywall under the window. The window that is directly adjacent to the fireplace. It took another weekend detour, but he patched that up, too.

So, we've been scrubbing the tiles in preparation for grouting and investigating the possibility of swapping out the window. It's amazing how easily we can be distracted. Although, the idea having this room completely, 100% finished when we do actually finish is incredibly appealing.

Is it possible for this house to never get finished? I think I'm in my head too much. Let's just go back to looking at the shiny, pretty tiles. Gawd, so pretty...

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