Monday, January 13, 2014

Project House Update: A Bed, Finally

Look! We finally have, after having a king size mattress for five years, a king sized bed!

We've been officially looking for a bed since we painted the room, roughly a year and a half. 

Up until now, we've using a dresser as a headboard to keep the wall clean.

After much searching and scouring of the internet, Dan and I finally agreed on the Farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn. We even took a detour in a trip across town to check it out in stores (since the store is 45 minutes away from our house).

It was a complete disappointment. Not only did they not have the bed in stores, I don't know how Pottery Barn survives when their customer service is that terrible. Maybe they're only used to yuppie rich soccer moms buying their stuff, but I could have stood in front of one of their sales people, jumping up and down with a fist full of cash, shouting, "I want to buy a bed" and they still would have ignored me.

So we decided it wasn't worth it and went back to the drawing board. If you're going to spend $1500 on a piece of furniture,you better be 100% sure about it and after that experience, we weren't. After some internet research, though, I came across this blog post about a knock-off version of the PB bed. It's called the "Hamden Bed". And more importantly, it was less than half the cost.

Dan waited for a sale and bought it up. That was at the beginning of November. Of course, it was on back-order. It finally shipped in the beginning of December. We anxiously followed the tracking information and were practically giddy when it said it had arrived in Tucson a couple of days later.

But then, nothing happened. We waited an waited. Christmas came and went and no bed. Dan called both World Market and the shipping company and got nowhere. Finally, after a ridiculous amount of effort on Dan's part, more than ever should have been required, our bed was finally delivered on January 2nd.

Since I'm recovering from a pretty gross cold, Dan managed to remove the old furniture and assemble the new in under two hours. He even broke out the new sheets we bought before Christmas.

I'm still not used to sleeping in a bed this tall. It feels like sleeping in a hotel. However, it's nice it's tall because it now hides the ugly intercom system.

And the cats can hide under it better. And balance on top of it.

Only two major issues remain with the room now. 1) Dan still needs to find a side table he likes. His current one is half of my desk from high school. 2) The headboard is so tall that my Star Wars Japanese tea towels don't fit above it.

Need to find another wall to hang them on and shuffle our stuff until I find something that does fit on this wall.

Oh no...I have to hunt for more art...I'm so sad...

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