Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Christmas in Havasu

Every year, we try to celebrate Christmas with both sets of our parents. As usual, Dan's parents got the short end of the stick and we went to visit them in Lake Havasu City the weekend before Christmas. We've tried it both before and after Christmas in the past and it's much less stress getting it out of the way early. That sounds bad, but it's so stressful packing everything up in the car and driving for six hours on December 26th. So stressful it looms over Christmas Day itself.

It was a rather short visit, so we crammed a lot to do in the span of about 48 hours. After spending the first night just catching up (not that there was much since we'd just seen them at Thanksgiving), we woke up to Christmas morning! Dan was so happy getting a bunch of tools, most of which I don't understand, but I think it's the world's biggest car jack and some tube separators.

After a Christmas dinner of lasagna, Dan got to finally get in his yearly ATVing. He looks so at home on one. Lake Havasu has some great trails so his parents and I followed along slowly behind in their SUV.

That night, we drove around and hunted Christmas lights. Some of the best ones were down at the bridge, the London bridge, the original one. The restaurants and boats on the Channel were really well decorated.

We wrapped it up with some Christmas cookie making Sunday morning. Unfortunately, most of them melted in the car on the drive back. It would have been great to spend some more time up there, but we definitely got to cross the essentials off our list.

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