Friday, August 9, 2013

The Purse Dilemma: Help Me Choose!

Seriously, this post is ALL about the feedback, so if you have any sort of opinion, please let me know below!

As a reward to myself for sticking to my workout regime so well lately (4 weeks straight!), I'm purchasing a purse. As a recovering purse addict, I do have plenty, but my daily carry-all is starting to wear out. The clasp is broken and the fake leather is separating, but what do you expect of a Target purse from two years ago.

After doing a lot of hunting, I've narrowed it down to these two by Fossil.

Top: Sydney Satchel  Bottom: Memoir Novel Flap
I love them both for different reasons.

I love the shape of the green one and the color. I love that you can remove the strap and make it a tote. I love that I could fill it up with all sorts of stuff. I love the metal feet so you can set it down without worrying that it will get gross from the floor. However, I'm afraid that because it's kind of wide, it won't lay well on my body and I'll constantly be running into stuff with it. And that it won't go with some of my clothes.

I love the style of the brown one. I love that it's casual and professional at the same time. I love the lines of it and how it would lay against me. However, it's kind of boring. That and the strap isn't removable.

So, I'm stuck. Like, I've been debating between these two purses for almost a week now. My heart says go with the green one, but my brain says go with the brown.

Let me know what you think because, odds are, I won't be making up my mind any time soon...

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