Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project House Update: Front Room Part II

So when we last left the front room, it looked something like this:

The room was painted except for one corner due to those pesky termites. After first setting up an appointment to find out that, yes, we did in fact have termites and then waiting several more weeks for them to send someone to our house to actually treat them, the termites were gone. Well, kind of. The treatment may take up to six months to thoroughly kill them all, but I wasn't going to wait that long to finish painting.

Since the corner wasn't that large, we flew through finishing painting.

Yes, I paint in my pajamas
With walls clean and fresh, the light fixtures went back up and the single ceiling recessed light was painted to match. More importantly, we could move all the furniture back from the entryway and dining room.

When we were moving furniture back in, we went through it to get rid of the stuff we just didn't feel like holding onto anymore. That's what happens when you're college students/newlyweds, you get every piece of furniture that someone else is moved past. Did we really want to hold onto the dated entertainment center I inherited from my college roommate's former roommate? A trailer full of stuff to GoodWill later, the room is pretty, but sparse.

Dan's not a big fan of the sconces, which came with the room, but I kind of like them now. They're a little too bright, but nothing some etching cream couldn't fix, right?

This room still needs A LOT of work. And we'll get there. We pulled all the old trim off to paint and new trim will need to go up at some point, probably after we redo the floors.

On the schedule sooner is to redo the fireplace. With the small stone tiles on the curved front, a solid piece as the bottom step, and a dark wood mantle, it could look something like this (and yes, I used Paint, but I love Paint, so shut up!):

Oh my god. This is the worst picture in the history of the internet. I showed it to my husband and I don't think I've heard him laugh that hard ever. Yes, it's terrible, but it's beautiful in my head.

Please trust me.

This is just awful...

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  1. Termites are really troublesome. Hopefully, the treatment you had for your home was enough to thoroughly kill all these termites and crawling creeps that harbor in it. Though you might need to keep it checked and treated even after then, to keep them at the bay. I hope the rest of house project renovation went well for all of you. Good day!

    Debra Owen @ Invader Pest