Friday, January 11, 2013

Fan of Friday: Week of 1/11/2013

I know it's January and I'm waaay behind the curve, but I am loving my Christmas presents, still. And because I now apparently have the memory rivaled by a goldfish, I wanted to document them so I may stand a chance of recalling them next year.
  • Orange Blue Dress - from my sister. It's very comfy and switch out the orange tie for a great belt and it looks very professional. Especially with a great pair of boots. Only downside? It's very unforgiving. Correct panties must be worn.
  • Umbrella Shoes - from my Mom. Soooo cute! I got compliments the first time I wore them!
  • Sheer Top - from my mom. I was hoping this would be a little more work appropriate, but everything is appropriate once you throw a cardigan over it, right?
  • Lunch Box - from my sister. It's a really cute thermal tote, not so much a lunch bag. Yellow, gray, and floral. It's nice to have a lunch bag that's not an old Safeway bag.
  • Lovely Earrings - from Dan. So classy and fancy. I really wish I could pull off big earrings better, but I will try damn hard for these.
  • Star Wars Prints - from my sister. Love art. Love these. Just need to find some frames worthy and the proper place in the house.
  • Hand Made Soaps - from my dad. A friend of his makes soap for her daughter and all the women in our family got them. They smell really good, but they're too big for our soap dishes! I'm making it work, but still...
  • "Lord of the Rings" Blueray Box Set and "TinTin" - from Dan. One day (or probably a couple of days), we'll sit down and power through these. I've been reading LOTR for the first time, and every time I finish one, we rewatch the movies and compare. And I just love TinTin.
  • Rachel Ray Casserole Dish - from my in-laws. It always seems like I would fall in love with a recipe, but be lacking the casserole dish. Now that I have one, I can't remember any of the recipes.
  • Bird hanger - from my in-laws. Maybe this will help me lose my keys less, finally!
  • Pearl necklace - from Dan. I looooove this necklace. Want to know my favorite part? The pearl is linked to the chain so it can't get annoyingly twisted.
  • Legos - from Dan. More Star Wars for Christmas because I'm just that awesome.
  • Apron - from my mom. Yes, I will now (hopefully) be cleaner when I cook. And clearly more stylish, too.
Yep, pretty good holiday season for me!

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