Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Packing List for Business Trips

Every time I have to go on one of these quick three day business trips, I always forget something. Well, not anymore! I'm developing a system! I wrote out everything I thought I would need for this past trip and I'm posting it just so I won't lose it again!

I broke things down into which bag they go into, for simplicities sake. Feel free to use this or adapt it as your own, but this is my list for a three day business trip with air travel.

Business Trip Clothes

Suit Case
  • Clothes and shoes. [Side note: I've learned packing is MUCH easier if I plan everything out in polyvore first. That way, I can form outfits using minimal pieces and really think about the function of each piece. Also, layers are key.]
  • PJs. I always forget PJs. If you really want to do double duty and are planning on using the gym at your hotel, you could bring comfortable work out clothes and use them as pajamas, you know, before you sweatify them.
  • Socks. Wear one pair under the boots and pack four more. Always pack extra socks.
  • Bras. Wear one and pack another. Don't judge me!
  • Underwear. At least three comfortable, sleeping pairs and two thongs.
  • My tools for repairing the robots, which are oddly shaped and making packing looooads of fun.
  • Non-liquid toiletries.
    • Make-up remover pads.
    • Hair brush, comb, two pony tail elastics, two smaller elastics, spin pins, and at least six bobby pins.
    • Toothbrush. 
    • Contact case.
    • Pads and tampons (if necessary).
    • Retainer. [My husband has never seen my gross retainer and I only wear it when one of us is on a business trip.]  
    • Deodorant.
    • Make-up brushes and solids, like concealer stick.
  • Laptop.
  • Laptop charger.
  • Book.
  • Cellphone charger.
  • Earplugs.
  • Scarf. [Planes are always cold and it can also be used as a blindfold if it's too bright to nap.]
  • Paperwork for the plane tickets, hotel reservations, rental car, directions, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Water bottle (empty).
  • Ipod.
  • A couple of granola bars in case we end up missing a meal.
  • Watch, if the battery is working.
  • Purse.
    • Wallet.
    • Phone.
    • Car keys.
    • Camera.
    • Work Badge.
    • Sunglasses and case.
  • Liquids bag.
    • Toothpaste.
    • Lotion.
    • Liquid make-up, like mascara and foundation.
    • Contact Solution.
Once I get through security, I throw the liquids bag in my suitcase, fill my water bottle up at a water fountain, and just sit around and wait until I can take a nap on the plane.  

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